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Notarial code

The Notarial Code is presented in its 2nd edition, completely renewed. A complete work that analyses in detail the Law on Notaries - and the proceedings removed from the courts outside it - as well as its Regulations, from a practical perspective, with abundant citation of the doctrine of the DGSJYFP and jurisprudence.

In addition to corporate aspects, the regulations arising from the state of alarm, which may be projected into the future, are the subject of attention: the possibility of videoconferencing documents, refinancing or out-of-court payment agreements, credit and mortgage moratoriums; consequences for the exercise of rights.

With a simple search, the reader will find a review and commentary on the value of the public deed in relevant civil, common and regional regulations; procedural; corporate; bankruptcy, town planning and mortgage law, such as Law 5/2019. Of particular interest is the study of the international instruments that the notary must be familiar with and apply.

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