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Private International Law Issues in the 'Prestige Case'.

These days mark the 20th anniversary of the greatest ecological tragedy that the Spanish coastline has ever suffered. The Prestige case Tragedy which, in addition, caused economic damage of at least 1,500 million euros for the State, Administrations and individuals. Since the...

International aspects of marriage before a notary

Since Law 6/2021, of 28 April, which amends Law 20/2011, of 21 July, on the Civil Registry, Spanish notaries are responsible for matrimonial proceedings prior to the celebration of marriages, as well as having the power to officiate...

Some legal issues in the metaverse

The metaverse, an evolution of the Internet that incorporates a virtual and sensorial reality, presents, or rather intuits, given that it is in full growth, numerous applications and opportunities, being, today, an unregulated space. Indeed, Neal Stephenson could not...

Commentary to law 29/2015 on international legal cooperation in civil matters.
Jan 20, 2019

Law 29/2015, of 30 July, on international legal cooperation in civil matters, fills an important gap in Spanish law, after the mandate in this regard of the LEC 1/2000. The work carries out a rigorous, complete and practical regulatory analysis of all the matters included in the law. Under the direction of Ana Fernández-Tresguerres, notary public of Madrid, expert of the Ministry of Justice in International Law and Member of the Academic Council of Fide, the main specialists in the field (magistrates, professors, senior civil servants, lawyers, notaries and registrars) have been brought together to analyse the Law from all perspectives.
Law 29/2015 applies to commercial, family and personal relationships; litigious or extrajudicial, with an international element. It highlights its general, basic and subsidiary nature with respect to European and conventional law. The legislator outlines an expansive concept of international legal cooperation. It regulates the recognition or enforcement of judgments. It completes its articles with the implementation of Regulations (EU) 1315/2012, Brussels I Recast and (EU) 650/2012, on international successions.

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