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Institutions of private law. Volume VI: Commercial Law. Company law: special part (II) (vol. 3)
With the title "Institutions of Private Law", the General Council of Notaries has undertaken the ambitious task of publishing, with specific studies for each of them, all the basic institutions of private law from a current perspective, in six parts made up of different volumes depending on the subject matter. The Notary's Office understands that the not only doctrinal, but above all the practical approach to each institution, viewed from the perspective of the law experienced every day in notaries' offices, is absolutely essential in order to be able to approach the problems and difficulties that private law poses to jurists when it comes to its day-to-day application.

The work is therefore aimed at the legal professional, and not only, although fundamentally, at Judges, Notaries and Lawyers, who contemplate it in its full extent, but also at those jurists who, like Tax Advisors or Registrars, contemplate it from more specific aspects, and at University Professors, as a practical instrument that can be useful when applying, in the exercise of their important educational work, not only the Law in force but also the Law that is really lived. We also believe that it can be an effective instrument for the Notary examiner to find sufficient material for the preparation of his subjects.
The fact that among the more than one hundred notaries who collaborate in these institutions, many of them are preparers of the competition, we believe that this is a sufficient guarantee to achieve this.

The work is structured in six parts following the classic classification: Person, Real, Obligations, Family, Successions and Commercial.

Publication begins in May 2001.

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