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It is a vocational and complex profession

Being a notary impresses character

Licenciada en Derecho

Universidad de Oviedo.  Premio especial de Licenciatura y Premio Miguel de Traviesas al mejor expediente en Derecho Privado.

Doctora en Derecho

Es doctora en derecho civil y mercantil por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, siendo premiada por unanimidad por la defensa de su tesis ‘Sucesión mortis causa de la condición de socio’ publicada por la Editorial Aranzadi. Durante varios años fue profesor invitada de derecho civil en la Universidad de Oviedo y en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Especialista en Derecho Comunitario

es especialista en Derecho Comunitario por la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares; titulada en Defensa Nacional por CESEDEN (Centro Superior de Defensa Nacional, XXXVI promoción) y mediadora comercial internacional, acreditada por CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, con sede en LondresUK).


Es notaria en ejercicio en Madrid, y registradora de la propiedad y mercantil en excedencia.

Countries in which the notary is publicly recognized

Woman in the presidency of the International Union of Notaries

States where the European Notaries Conference is held

The notarial function is a real journey through private law.

Its practice covers all areas of contract law, real estate, commercial law in general, corporate law in particular, family law and inheritance law. And whether international or domestic. As an applicator of the law, a notary must be familiar with all the national legal systems and practice the proof of the law of other States, particularly the European ones.

Public law

Furthermore, the notary also has an important function linked to public law, in terms of compliance, personal data protection or money laundering control.


Presence and immediacy, -orality-, is consubstantial to the notarial function. For this reason, the pandemic was a hard test.  Being restricted the activity to only the most urgent matters, the physical presence in the notary's offices was maintained.

Publications by Ana

Professional Notarial Code

This work presents an initial work on notarial law, which I believe summarizes the function.

Notarial legislation, fourth edition

Its constant development shows that the notarial function is making progress in the challenges of the 21st century.